Corporate Events

Whether you are hosting a team building event, conference, awards ceremony or any other event for your company, we can provide musical entertainment for your entire day, tailored to your specifications.

Background Music

We provide background music for any part of your itinerary required. Throughout lunch breaks, dinner and drinks, having background music helps to create a relaxed environment for your guests and/or delegates to socialise and enjoy themselves.

Have you considered having a classical duet at breakfast to help start your day?

Awards Ceremonies

Your upcoming awards ceremony can do with both background music and ‘stings’, where a small clip of music is played while your award winner makes his/her way to stage. We can provide this service which is fully customisable to the requirements for your event.

Have you considered a theme for your event? You can pick the music to match, or tell us the theme and we will pick the music for you!

Non-stop Entertainment

We can provide a non-stop service, where you will not have an awkward moment of silence throughout the timeframe you require. By purchasing this package, we will provide extra musicians who will substitute in when a musician requires a break.

Have you considered adding a singer to your band for the day?

No two events are the same. We take great pride in our bespoke packages. Please get in touch to discuss how we can ensure that your event is unique and memorable for your guests.