your ceremony choose your unique set

Live music is such an important part of a wedding ceremony to create the atmosphere you would like.  Often overlooked, it is important to think what music you would like while your guests are taking their seats and waiting for the ceremony to begin.  Set the scene- do you want a calm and magical atmosphere and save the lively ones for the party later?  Do you want some lively tunes to create a vibe where your guests know it's okay to laugh and make noise?  Whatever you think, we can take care of all your musical requirements.  If you're not sure what you want, we pride ourselves on a very personal service so just give us a call and we can advise you!  Our most popular choice here is a violin and piano duo with the possible addition of a vocalist.  We play all of the popular classics such as the Bridal Chorus and the Wedding March.  It is also very popular for Scottish weddings to have some traditional Scottish tunes either on fiddle/ piano or fiddle/ guitar.  Some couples opt to add a singer and have their favourite song over the signing of the register or at the end as the bridal party walk back down the aisle.  Some couples have a hard time choosing their first dance and this can be a nice moment to play the songs that didn't quite make the cut!

your reception let's celebrate

After the ceremony and you're officially married, most often couples will begin the celebrations with some drinks and canapés straight afterwards.  You'll want to greet your guests but this is also a common time for the wedding photographer to take some photos of the bride and groom and their family and close friends.  When weddings run behind schedule, this is a very common part of the day to lose time!  Particularly if the weather is nice, it can take your guests a while to move through for dinner and you may want more time in the sun for photographs.  We would advise you to allow some time here.  You could have a jazz duo or trio, some traditional Scottish tunes to get your guests' toes tapping or a trio with a vocalist for some laid-back covers.  If you're having a winter wedding in a beautiful castle perhaps some classical music would be more appropriate, or if you're having a barn wedding you could even have us blast some bluegrass tunes in keeping with your theme!  

background music create an atmosphere

Sometimes you can need the live music to ensure a warm and lively atmosphere, but you may not want it to be the focus especially if people will be chatting over drinks or dinner.  An instrumental line-up can be a good idea for this so it is easier to talk over.  We offer a special service where we arrange popular songs in a classical style - you could have a beautiful classical violin and piano duet but with melodies your guests will recognise!  You can choose any songs you like.  Other popular options include a solo pianist, a jazz duo or trio and a traditional fiddle/ guitar duo.  You could also add a vocalist, singing jazz or a mix of laid-back covers.

evening entertainment let's dance

Whatever you plan for your first dance, we can play learn or arrange it.  Or if you prefer, we can play it on a laptop, ipod or smartphone.  If you are nervous about dancing in front of your guests, a ceilidh dance can be a good option.  You could either have a couples' dance where your guests join in the second time through or it is a popular option to start with an Orcadian Strip the Willow with the bride and groom at the top of the set.  We would suggest either an hour of ceilidh followed by two hours of covers with breaks, or you could mix the ceilidh dances in between the songs.  For the covers band, we can add any instruments you like.  For bigger venues we would suggest adding a third vocalist, a second fiddle player or a three piece brass section.  Please just give us a call or drop us a line to see what we can do for you.